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haloumi fries | dukkah yoghourt | honey glaze  | 12.90

eggplant parmigiana | crumbed in polenta | sweet tomato relish | parmesan | rocquette | sticky balsamic  | 25.50

chilli lemongrass & ginger broth | rice noodles [v]

american style beef ribs | slow braised in house made bbq sauce | served with apple, fennel & rocquette 29.50

market fish | prawns mussels in a lemon chilli risotto  39.80

mushroom risotto | slow braised thyme mushrooms | spinach | garlic | parmesan | creamy arborio rice 29.50

pan fried ricotta gnocchi | smoked chicken | artichokes | peas | white wine cream sauce 29.50

rolled pork belly | filled with herbs on a celeriac puree with beurre noisette beans | relish 34.50

seafood pasta | agliolio based | tomato concasse | mussels | prawns | anchovies | garlic | chilli | spring onion | lemon 32.50

tasmanian char-grilled Eye Fillet 200g | onion two ways | jus | baby herbs  41.50

grilled chicken salad | corn cobs | honey walnuts | fetta | rocket | balsamic mayo  | 31.90








Our kitchen is open from 7.30am for all day breakfast | lunch and keep cooking straight through for dinner service.    Sunday from 7.30am to 3.00pm.   Opening and closing times vary on Public Holidays.  

If you are on a time frame, please let us know so we can advise if we are able to accommodate you.   Our menu is A La Carte and all meals are cooked to order and some meals may take up to 20 minutes to prepare.  You are welcome to pre-order your meals by filling out our Pre-Order Form below and simply emailing it to us.



download elaia pre-order form

On a timeframe?   No problem,  download our elaia pre-order form  fill in the details and email to   Let us know the date and time of your booking, what time you want the food to be served and what time you need to be out by.  Our guests use this for corporate breakfasts, lunches, pre-theatre dinners and last minute meals before catching that flight.