Thankyou For Your Support of BOFR

What a fantastic month we've had so far with our fundraising for BOFR.   Pink Cupcakes,  No Peeking Envelopes, hefty donations made in the BOFR donation box.  Thankyou to all for your generous support! 

But it's not over yet!  Now in our last week, we are commencing our Set Menu Fundraiser which runs all of this week for lunch and dinner.   

20% from the sale of each Set Menu will be donated to BOFR proudly supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.   You can enjoy 2 courses for $50 or 3 courses for $60.  Make sure you bring your appetite with you!  

Remember if you're still hanging on to your No Peeking Envelope, you have until Saturday night to redeem it.   There are $100 Dinner Vouchers still to be redeemed!  

Again thankyou for your support and see you all soon. 

Ritsa & Perry Nicholas