THANKYOU to all guests who attended Elaia’s 21st Birthday Celebration on Friday 14th July 2017.

A massive congratulations to our Back of House and Front of House Team who put together a memorable evening. 

Front Of House:  Megan Blackberry, Chloe Barrow, Claire Luttrell, Dylan Goldfinch

Back Of House: Kam McManamey, Jay Gargan, Peter Pratt, Chris Van Riel

Thankyou to all other Elaia team who supported and assisted and kept service running while preparations were underway.   It was a crazy week leading up to the event but you guys nailed it!

Two people I didn’t get a chance to thank and acknowledge on the night.  They are Sarah Bennett [Back of House] and Sarah Whiley [FOH].  Both Sarah’s combined have been working with us at Elaia for close to 25 years.   Their unrivalled loyalty, commitment, dedication and support has seen seen us through our stunning successes and epic failures, our joys and despairs, our relentless pursuit of excellence and our ambitious nerve racking risk taking when it comes to change.   We have all ‘grown up’ together both on a personal and professional level and could not imagine Elaia without them.  Thankyou Sarah & Sarah from the bottom of our hearts for entrusting your future with us.    

Thankyou to Jane Ferrari who educated and entertained us in true Ferrari style. 

I would also like to acknowledge the following who not only have been part of the Elaia family over the years but contributed to the success of our 21st Birthday Celebration on the night.

Phil Meyer – Samuel Smith Negociants

Angela Siejka - Photographer ofTasmanian Photographs on Elaia dining room walls



Youngs Vegie Shed

Australian Liquor Marketers

Tasmanian Hotel & Club Supplies

Flying Colours

Legana PlantsPlus


Glass Art

Scott Gelston Photographer of amazing pics below