Eat, Drink and Run For A Wish

This year Elaia Cafe are one of the proud sponsors for Run For A Wish Launceston.   In addition to the support of their major event held in October this year, we will be holding our own Elaia Cafe in house fundraising events. 

Our target is to raise $15,000 for Run For A Wish Launceston. 

How Are We Going To Raise $15,000?   By eating and drinking of course!  Every day of every week beginning 1st June and ending 31st October will be a fundraising day.   We have come up with a theme for each day of the week. 

Monday Pizza & Pasta Night  Feel less guilty eating those carbs knowing 10% of sales of pizza, pasta and risotto, eat in or takeaway will be donated to Run For A Wish. [available every Monday 5.00pm to 8.00pm]

Tuesday BYO for a Wish Night  Elaia maybe a fully licensed cafe but I couldn't resist the idea of BYO for Run For A Wish.  Between 5.00pm and 8.00pm on a Tuesday night, bring a friend or two and your own bottle of wine to enjoy with your dinner.  Corkage of $10 per bottle will be donated to Run For A Wish. [available every Tuesday 5.00pm-8.00pm. Bottled wine only].

Wednesday Hump Day  Need a sweetener for this time of the week?  Enjoy your cake and coffee for morning tea, afternoon tea or dessert after your meal and 10% of sales of all things sweet from our dessert cabinet will be donated to Run For A Wish. [available every Wednesday 7.30am- 8.00pm]

Thursday That Takeaway Coffee Never Tasted So Good  If you drink small sized takeaway coffee you may wish to upsize to a regular and 10% of sales of regular takeaway coffees will be donated to Run For A Wish. [available every Thursday 7.30am - 8.00pm]

Friday Happy Hour  Friday knock off drinks just got better.  Between 4.00pm and 6.00pm 10% of sales of wine, beer and cocktails will be donated to Run For A Wish. [available every Friday 4.00pm-6.00pm]

Saturday & Sunday = Stars Day  Every weekend our Team will select from our menu their Star Choice and 10% of sales of the Star Choice will be donated to Run For A Wish. [available Saturday and Sunday]

Tips For A Wish  So we may have run out of days of the week, but one day each week all tips will be donated to Run For A Wish.

Join us at Elaia Cafe from June 1st and get involved in delivering wishes to as many children with life-threatening illnesses as we can. 

If you live interstate or overseas then you can make a donation directly on our Run For A Wish Donation Page.   Your donation will go directly towards reaching our goal of $15,000.  

Clink on this link now

Remember our target is $15,000... so get ready, set, goooo!

Thankyou in advance for your generosity.  It really means a lot!

Ritsa, Perry and The Team @ElaiaCafe

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Run For A Wish Launceston Committee